Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Wind-Up, Vol. 1

There may in fact be no volume two, but I like to stick with the for the post previous, let me assure the Asian-American Anti-Defamation Society that we here at HoG believe in mutual tolerance, love and respect for all races and creeds at all times, with certain exceptions. And we don't speak in dialect unless we're making fun of midwesterners...oh, wait.

Still, Mr. Chan has a point: Semi-Live Draft Blog ended rather abruptly yesterday. That's because (and the following sentence will not only scare away any reader we have but very likely lose me my posting privileges) my wife and I had to go to a dinner theater in Ft. Collins with my mom and stepdad. We saw "Singin' in the Rain" and they actually made it "rain" onstage.

With water, goddamnit. Not like this. Or this. But yeah, the joke nearly killed me before it finally died in my throat. Nobody at the table would have understood when I threw $13 in singles on the teenage ensemble castmembers/busboys.

So we both had about 10 vodka tonics, ate some pretty seedy prime rib and watched dinner theater. Rock and motherfucking roll. Late that night I flipped on the the flatscreen in mom's basement and saw that my team had selected, in addition to Jarvis Moss, Tim Crowder (DE, Texas) and Ryan Harris (LT, Notre Dame). Today they traded back into the 4th round to take Marcus Thomas (DT, Florida) who was booted off that team last year.

I'll follow up with a detailed analysis--or as detailed as we get here, anyway...