Saturday, April 28, 2007

Semi-Live Draft Blog Vol. 2

I was betrayed by the internets right as the Broncos were picking. Figures. Technology, what have you ever done for me?

Anyway. Let's catch up--my team gave up a third, a sixth and their first rounder this year to Jacksonville to move to 17, where they selected Jarvis Moss, a tall defensive end from Florida who murdered the Buckeyes in the national championship game. Most mocks I had seen predicted this was gonna be the Broncos' guy and amazingly, for once, everyone seemed to be right.

Of course, I think he might have been available at 21.

Or they could have traded with Cleveland, who just moved back into the first at 22 and got Quinn. Dallas ended up getting Cleveland's 2008 first rounder. Fuck.

At least the very least, KC got stymied, seeing as they were evidently showing interest in Quinn at their slot.

Here's what Pro Football Weekly's 2007 Draft Preview says about Moss: "Has great length and a lot of room to add bulk and get stronger. Very fluid movement skills. Very limber and flexible." Well, thank god for that. One thing I've said consistently the last few years, we need a more bendable defense.