Sunday, April 15, 2007

Al Wilson, Redux

Al Wilson always seemed like a good guy beyond the football. He was quiet, desirous of privacy, seemed grounded, like someone who was probably a little uncomfortable with the trappings of fame but a solid individual. Today we have proof.

Wilson, his agents, or someone rich who could convincingly impersonate him took out a full-page ad on the back of today's Denver Post's Sports section thanking Denver fans.

Maybe I forgot when John Elway and Shannon Sharpe did that. But I don't recall that they did.

Whether or not it was a gesture motivated by genuine feeling, it felt like feeling. It felt honest, even if it read in standard awards dinner boilerplate. It sent a little dagger through my cynical carapace. So it needs said, again:

Thank you, Al Wilson. Good luck to you in the rest of your life. Ring of Fame!


Unknown said...

It's tax time. Maybe he gets a write-off.