Saturday, April 28, 2007

So far, So %#@*! Good...

Not that we don't swear here at the HoGo, but I dearly love me some curse-icons.

Yesterday I posted a completely uninformed mock draft. To this point, it's surprisingly accurate.

I called the first five picks. Not too tough there, a lot of people had them falling like that, with the possible exception of Levi Brown at #5. And while I flipped choices with the Redskins and Vikings--I had the 'Skins taking Adrian Peterson and the Vikes Landry, it went opposite--I still generally had the top 8 right.

I screwed up the three following, and as I write this, Quinn is still falling. He could fall for a while. Which makes me inexplicably happy. Leon Hall remains on the board as well, and I had Okoye going to Hotlanta instead of Houston.

But! I nailed the following three picks, including the Marshawn Lynch to the Bills, which if I may say so, was a bold and visionary call.

The Jets are picking, after the draft's first trade (with Carolina for this slot and a 6th rounder; the Panthers get the Jets' 1st, a 2nd and a 5th...yow) and the goons are freaking out. They should hold the draft in Sioux Falls . And the pick is...Darrelle Revis, whom I had going a slot later to Pittsburgh.

Len Pasquarelli, in between bites of a disgusting Pittsburgher fries-and-chicken heart sandwich, prepares to anoint whoever the Steelers pick as a "blue-collar character guy."