Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baseball In The Daytime: 4-9-08

I've listened to a lot of Reds baseball on the radio this year. I'll admit, I've got a case of Cueto Fever that medication will not assuage. Now they play this song, and it's annoying, but it's on the radio so I just assumed it was some Cincinnati douche-rockers.

I don't know if Bronson is just lip-synching to the Cincinnati douche-rockers or that's actually his composition, but holy hell. I must give credit to this find to the excellent Bugs And Cranks, a tremendous full-service baseball blog that also gives us this running Royals scrimmage with, of all people, Trev Alberts.

But on to the day games. We get a pair of West Caost-y getaway numbers today, featuring skinny dudes busted for performance-enhancing drugs, a slugging pitcher and the latest Japanese mound sensation...

Cleveland @ Los Anaheim, 1:35 Mountain At this point, the only thing that bugs me about the whole steroid mess is when people talk about "clean" players. Mark Grace oughta be in the Hall because he's "clean." Ken Griffey will be a worthy addition to the 600-HR club because he never did that shit. There's no way John Kruk was on juice, look at him. Nuts to all that. Paul Byrd was on the HGH, people. Paul Byrd. Paul Byrd looks like a toll collector and he can barely break the speed limit with his fastball. Today he starts against Dustin Moseley, who's totally clean.

LA Dodgers @ Arizona, 1:40 i didn't watch his start last Friday, but judging by his linescore Hiroki Kuroda is legit. His major league debut featured seven innings of three-hit ball, and if he can keep that up these Dodgers are going to be formidable until Brad Penny gets his annual injury. Today, under the rrof of Some Bank Stadium, he'll engage Micah Owings. Owings is known as as one of baseball's best-hitting pitchers, but did you know he's third on the all-time home-run list for high school players? It's true, or at least Wikipedia-true, which is pretty close.

Now get out there and Play Ball!


Cecil said...

Everything about that video is teh awesome. From the wind machine through Arroyo's mane to his holding an acoustic guitar...perfect.