Saturday, April 26, 2008

NFL Draft, Live Blog Edition Alpha

Seven checks back in...

OK, all the monster players I wanted to fall are gone. Stupid teams and their "best available player" philosophy.

I'd love it if the Virginia guard, Albert, fell to us--good guy to line up against Dorsey. Of course I like Clady too. No matter how good Mendenhall and Stewart are, I really hope we stay away from RB in this round, unless we trade down. i don't like any of the WRs at this spot.

It looks like Rivers just went to Cincinnati, so at LB that leaves Mayo--bit of a reach but solid. Another trade-down candidate. I'm not a big Balmer guy. I haven't heard this yet, but what do you think about a corner? It seems nuts with Bailey and Bly on board, but you could work a kid in as a nickel initially. With guys like McElvin and Jenkins, you also add a kick returner element we sorely need. And, finally, I want Champ to retire as a Bronco, and an eventual Rod Woodson style move to safety could add years to his career.And here is the rest of it.