Saturday, April 26, 2008

NFL Draft, Live Blog Edition Alpha

Mock pick #30, Green Bay Packers: Pat Sims DT Auburn. Fits, as I like to mention, the system, and this team gets it--draft as many linemen as possible.

Wow, yet another trade. The Jets trade up to #30. No all caps this time, my blood sugar is running low.

(By the way, loose dog update: turns out that was a show dog that escaped from its owner's house on south Federal, almost completely outside of Denver. Jesus. That dog took a trip. It had been gone for 4 days! But thanks to Brandy's relentless phone calling and calm nature--at one point I was screaming obscenities at the woman from the Municipal Shelter, and yes, my fellow bloggers will get a chuckle out of my referring to her being calm--Samara the show Borzoi made it home. Like Ice Cube said, have to say it was a good day.)

Jets' actual pick: a new fan base to replace these idiots. Ah, but it was not to be--rather, they get Dustin Keller TE Purdue.