Saturday, April 5, 2008

Weekend YouSpaces and MyTubes

Happy Saturday/Weekend/Final Four partying, etc. Saw this image thrown up by the Dead Spinsters yesterday, and I followed all the links to its origin, and read all of the text associated with it, but couldn't for the life of me determine which one was meant to be ol' Bill Self. I mean, I have a hunch of course, but I'm interested in what the readers think. Obviously it's one of the two in the middle, but which? Give us your vote in the comments.

And if that sounds really lame, then there's a few YourStubs and MyTubes for you after the jump. So check 'em out and ignore my first paragraph. Seven and I have a bet going to see how many times we can invite readers to participate in the comments, only to have you all totally ignore said invitation(s).

This is extremely gay, and I fucking despise this song, but it's relevant to today.

If you haven't afforded yourself the time to read Kissing Suzy Kolber's Mock Draft: Pet Peeves, you should. It's H-I-larious.

I like this one because it's dudes taking Zambo fastballs in the knees, shoulders, back, etc. Skip forward to the 1:25 mark for the good times. (Courtesy of With Leather)

Um, Ocho Cinco would be doing us all a favor if he caught a touchdown pass just outside of the end zone. And by "just outside the end zone," I mean in front of a Cincinnati bus doing 45 mph.

(Courtesy of Awful Announcing)

Our boy Rany weighs in on the Royals' 4-3 loss to Ron Gardenhire's club last night. Always fantastic reading.

Not sure how old this one is, but it's pretty effin' classy. Thanks, YouSpace tweaker person.

Finally, our homeslices over at Bronco Talk have volumes to read about regarding Brandon Marshall. If you're tired of that nonsense, however, they do have a story about Roland Bailey wanting him some (sigh...didn't we just kill him?) Ocho Cinco in the Valley of Doves.

Update: Oops. Forgot Stewie. My bad.


Cecil said...

While we're at it, let's also get every other team's best player. Dibs on Merriman and his 'roid toolkit!

blairjjohnson said...

Yes. And draw up the papers for you guys to have Freeney, LJ, Winslow, Jr., and Polamolu (sp?), too.

Cecil said...

Uh, well...LJ can stay in the midwest, we'll be fine with Frank Gore or Steven Jackson. Really.