Friday, April 4, 2008

Baseball In The Gay Time, Fabulously Casual Royals Style

I understand that these are heady times out there in Kansas City. You long-suffering fans have a team in the Final Four (with a chance to eliminate your two-timing ex-coach to boot). The Royals are 3-0 after drilling the Tigers in all three games to start the season. And the Chiefs, well, heck they have yet to lose a game in 2008. You're hot, you're excited, you're all lathered up with sweat and Gates' sauce and manly energy, what do you do until the next game?

Well, I'll tell you what you do! You get your ass down to Price Chopper and pick up the 2008 Royals Calendar, filled with all your sexy baseball men dressed casually, like they would be if you were to hit on them at Sharp's over an omelet.

Check out all the spontaneous outtakes here, here and especially, with extra same-sex tension, HERE.

Man, if I liked either the Royals or butt-fuckin' dudes (or both), I'd be really excited right now.