Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Baseball In The Daytime: 5-16-07

So the rainout on the South Side of Chicago last night has resulted in an unexpected treasure: day baseball! Sure, it's the Yankees, but still. The New York Americans will face off against the Pale Hose at noon-oh-five Mountain time.

The pitching matchup is Mike Mussina versus John Danks, the rook Chicago acquired from Texas in the Brandon McCarthy deal. Looks like a mismatch, even if Moose is a purported bigot. The Yankees stand at 17-19, eight games back of the Red Sox in the AL East, while the 18-16 White Sox are four games south of the Tigers in the Central.

As for the broadcast info, XM Radio subscribers can tune in to channel 176. 176 is the first of many MLB play-by-play stations, and the Yankees always seem to get the prime slot there. If you have Extra Innings on DirecTV, I think the game will be on channel 743--their guide hasn't updated with the rescheduled game, and that's the channel the night game of the doubleheader is on. I assume you can also catch it on YES, channel 622 as well. No word as to whether DirecTV will put the game on in hi-def on either 95 or 731.

Or, you can always catch the game on the MLB.TV subscription service. If you haven't signed up yet but enjoy to space out at your desk for hours at a time, a few tips: One, don't get the Premium package. It promises higher-resolution video but to my eyes there's no difference. Two, I've experienced really spotty streaming video on wireless connections. That may be the 700k "Premium" bandwidth issue, but when I've plugged in it's better. Three, there is a "Boss Button," similar to the one that appeared on CBS' online NCAA Tournament coverage (this one's a mock letter, while CBS had a generic spreadsheet). I think these things are fucking hilarious, and I'm sure they'll eventually be litigated out of existence. Perhaps we can add one to the HoG, so y'all can blow off more productive work time.