Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Polling Time: Vote for Classiest KC Athlete

Yesterday, we concluded our "Stay Classy, Kansas City" series, and today, with great hope and ridiculous optimism, we want you, the readers, to vote on your favorite. This series was inspired by the periodic amount of KC pro sports slamming that, on (ahem) occasion, occurs both in posts, and in commentary on the House of Georges. Being the lone Kansas City rep, I figured something along the lines of the can't-beat-'em-join-'em mantra. Therefore, peruse the refresher links, if need be, that we've included after the jump, and cast your vote in the handy poll there in the right-hand column (Editor's Note: as opposed the the invisible left-side one). Hope you've enjoyed. Now get out there and vote!

Kansas City Scout Steve Durbano reminded us that hookers and cocaine are awesome, unless the hooker is a cop, and the cocaine is something you're trying to smuggle into Canadia.

Kansas City Chief Victor Riley suggested that bumper cars ain't just for the carnival anymore.

Kansas City Royal Hal McRae hinted that locker-room tirades, with phone tossing, beer sloshing and sailor-mouthed cursing, are something that should always be caught on tape.

Kansas City Chief Nick Lowery didn't really do much beyond break point-scoring records for a lot of bad Chiefs teams, hook up with a MILF, and tug on his totally unappreciated moustache like it was a dual-handled slot machine.

Kansas City Royal Alberto Callaspo indirectly proposed that, if the wife ain't listening, husbands should knife 'em in the face, launch babies across the room, and keep the women barefoot and uneducated in the dialing-911 department.

Kansas City Chief Larry Johnson showed us that you can assault women (twice), tell the media that you don't really like your coach, and pout your way through the first three years of your pro career, and things will be just fine.

Kansas City King Ron Behagen stomped his way into the (alleged) precursor of violence in contemporary hoops,

and Kansas City Chief Andre Rison set examples of many a "how not to..."

There were many others to choose from, but this band of eight brothers made the HoG cut, and it's now time that we select a favorite. On the right, opt for an electronic, or a bubble-sheet ballot, and don't forget your sticker!


Blanche Feverpiss said...

That pole vaulter chick... Newport Harbor High alum... HOT

Cecil said...

Yeah--not sure what Miss Stojko (sp?) has to do with KC, but needless to say, I approve. Wholeheartedly.

blairjjohnson said...

Stokke. And poll(pole)ing time. Get it? Also, classy of me to throw in a photo of her...