Saturday, May 31, 2008

Celtics-Lakers FInals Ain't Rocket Surgery

I like it, and I don't care for the NBA for various reasons. I mean, I usually catch a bit of the Finals, my token annual viewership investment, but I don't seek it out, or make plans to be home for it. This is good stuff, though. I mean, fuck all the noise about poor officiating, and allegations of fixes. This is, no matter what way you slice it, a nostalgic matchup. No, it ain't Bird/Johnson, McHale/Abdul-Jabbar, Green/Worthy, or whathaveyou. But it is the rivalry of our youth, and I will likely make a point to catch some of it. This time. For whom will I pull? Well, I'm Irish, Paul Pierce is a Jayhawk, and I hate Kobe almost as much as if he'd logged some time in a Denver Bronco uniform, so uh -- yeah -- Go Celtics. Fuck L.A.


Unknown said...

Ladeez and Gentlemen,

The fix has worked. Banky bought it.

He'll be watchin', just like they want him too.

Go Celts,


Cecil said...

Roger Goodell is still on hold for you, LR.

Cecil said...

I'm rooting for Minneapolis.

Wait, what?