Monday, May 5, 2008

In Other Not-Really-A-Post News...

...I was looking for an excuse to run this clip:

Kind of makes me think of my morning routine of carrying a mug of coffee downstairs and trying not to slosh it as I go, and naturally over-compensating when it does. Times 1000. This gal can, and should, take pride in re-defining the ol' "clean-up on aisle five" mantra.


Unknown said...

Great video, sir.

Penguins rock.

Cavs'll take the Celtics in 6.

How's that team-oriented attack of the Nuggets doin' these days?



Cecil said...

The Cavs wouldn't have even made the playoffs in the west.

Although I do hope they take down "The Boston Three-Party," because I'm sick of those commercials.

Blanche Feverpiss said...

Did Steamworks finally fire that worthless "waitress"?