Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday ThumbTubes & YouNails: 10-2-08

Shucks. I reckoned it to be time for another installment of ThumbTubes and YouNails. Baseball playoffs, a quarter of football gone already, hockey pre-season (Editor's Note: Don't worry; haven't included any today. It's safe to keep reading.), etc. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this feature, it goes a little something like this: We upload that same crappy attempt at PhotoShoppage for the header, then troll the GoreNets looking for interesting stories we can link to and steal pictures for. We then repeat the process for video clips. Believe it or not, it actually is a tedious feature, but perhaps that's the price we pay for unoriginality. Still interested? Jump ahead.

Every once in a while, a fabulous idea comes along that embodies a hybrid of awesomeness. Like lingerie football.

This story comes to us from MachoChip via With Leather. Read about it, and check out some more pictures here.

And because we're talking football, we might as well drop the Al Davis press conference.

Okay. Well, it's kinda footbally.

(clip courtesy of The Sports Hernia)

You know what's really, really footbally, though? This kid:

He wears number one, and he's a nine-year old monster. The clip comes to us from Bar Stool Sports, and yes, the Tubes are responsible for that music, if you wanna call it that.

The Big Lead points us in the direction of College Game Balls, who shows us a game-day sign that didn't quite make SportsCenter.

Is that Erin Andrews wearing #1? No?'d be a lot cooler if it was...

When Deuce of Davenport is not getting all na-nah over Najeh, they're covering lots of other stories. Like currentish Met/former Royal Ambiorix Burgos, who, um, might be looking for another club for whom to pitch. Like a jail team.

Damn it, Ambiorix. Where was this insanity when we were doing the "Stay Classy, Kansas City" series? Either way, you stay classy, bro.

In baseball news involving teams still playing baseball in America today, check out this guy:

Um. Wow.

(clip courtesy of Big League Stew)

Babes Love Baseball has called up a few writers from their practice squad. One of them is Marea, and she is begging for Old No. 7's prediction to not come true. You know, in a roundabout sort of way.

Finally, there's Fire Joe Morgan, who, as always, have the angle on what's really important.

Have a read.

And those, guys and gals, are your Tubes and Nails deemed Houseworthy for this first Thursday of Rocktober. Have a good one.


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