Friday, October 3, 2008

For No Reason Whatsoever

I just woke up from a nap. The Sox-Rays game is damn boring, and, uh, over now anyway, and so why not troll the YouTubes for some classic Sesame Street. Better yet, some classic Bert & Ernie. These guys were the crux of this staple-of-our childhood program. After the jump, five episodes of B&E that are totally random, unassociated, and apropos of nothing.

First there's the before-and-after lesson:

Love the closing ditty.

Anytime Ernie destroyed the apartment was hysterical.

Must've been earlier signs of my inner rebel.

Further evidence that Bert was a square...

...and Ernie was a partier.

Perhaps one of my all-time favorite B&E skits is the one I call "Band Practice."

Love that tune.

Finally, if you must toy with a classic...

...pick a good tune, I guess.