Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday Theatrics: Larry Johnson Suspended

The InterNets, TalkRadios, etc. are reporting that Chiefs running back Larry Johnson has been suspended for one game (this Sunday's home match against the undefeated Tennessee Titans) for team misconduct. The violation allegedly has nothing to do with the "simple-assault" charge levied against him earlier in the week, but is an in-house suspension supposedly related to missing either practice, team meetings, or both.

This is awesome. The assault charge, the non-trade of Tony Gonzalez, and The Kansas City Star's interview with team owner Clark Hunt have officially made this club look like a joke. Actually, there's nothing stunning in the interview. Hunt answered each question as any front-office cat would in mid-season status; no owner's going to shake the foundation of (in this case an already shaky) his team and split the squad like plate tectonics. It is, nonetheless, awesome that all of this has transpired in a three-day period. Swell, swell times.

Bright side? I guess we'll see how Kolby Smith and Jamaal Charles fare against a real tough run defense.


Cecil said...

That is probably the single most retarded photo I have ever seen.

blairjjohnson said...

Yeah. Nothing says class like getting some vagina to do the inverted-vagina.