Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Midweek Meanderings: Balls, HoG QBs, and Sargent Gaffes

Isn't that picture nice and lovely? Agreed; it is. I'm happy we shared that moment, and I'll ask you to remember it as, after the jump, we'll revert to being our snide-and-crude usual selves, full as usual of information somebody else put together solely for us to link to (Editor's Note: I may have taken some liberties with the word "solely" just there.). Come along...

We might as well call this Drew Magary week here on the blogospheres. After all, his new book is officially out, and he's taking advantage of every possible opportunity to plug it, like sitting in at the helm of With Leather for the day. Most of them are pretty darn funny, too. Like this one at Pro Football Talk wherein he discusses how Vernon Davis, like many NFL players, is nothing more than a piece of human excrement. CBSSportline has an occasionally funny, borderline-bare-it-all interview with him, which I reccommend reading, but not really.

In news of less-unsolicited, more-HoG-appropriate content, Deadspin has some insulintacular pictures of Jay Jams.

Chris Kolb of KC Chiefs Fanatic makes regular contributions to Arrowhead Addict. He's put together a great post on what the Chiefs should be doing in the upcoming off-season: finding a quarterback. Before I dug in to the piece, I had to scroll to the bottom with the thought "Please don't say Tim Tebow, Please don't say Tim Tebow" running through my brain. And though he wasn't a highlight per se, I did wind up screaming "Doh!"

And of course we wouldn't be just another collection of misfits in basements without our completely unoriginal dontations to the Danyelle Sargent cause.

Those naturally include this one and this one.