Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Think Tank

Yes, it's only a visit, but it's worth noting that USC E.A.-humper Ray Maualuga is slated to visit with the Chiefs today. This of course means next to nothing in terms of distinct draft-day possibilities, but
it should be noted for various reasons. Reasons such as:

1) The rough focus of this blog is the rivalry between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos.

2) It's no secret that Cecil is the House of Georges' draft wizard.

3) The last time I mentioned Maualuga's name, Cecil mentioned that the Chiefs basically don't deserve him.

4) Alleged "brainy trusts" already have a quarterback, which, may or may not've ticked someone in Dove Valley off a bit.

5) The last sentence of that post reads, "Maualuga’s other visits include trips to see the Browns, Dolphins, Chargers, Titans, Falcons, Saints, 49ers, and Rams," which translates to "not Denver," and that rules and stuff. Of course, there's always the token remember-that-this-is-Pro-Football-Talk caveat.

Ultimately, though, it's just a visit. And if there's any accuracy to PFT, it's one of nine visits.

Your assignment, handsome/abundant readers, is to, in the comments just like you always do, let us know how important pre-draft visits are, and how many Maualuga licks you imagine it takes to get to the center of a Kyle Orton.


Cecil said...

The Chefs would need to trade down to get him. Good as he is, and he is, he won't go in the Top 10.

Denver is poised to grab him in the middle of the first, if they want him. And no one can tell me that Mike Nolan, ex-linebackers coach under Reeves, ex-coordinator of Ray Lewis, guy who took Patrick Willis in the first round, isn't interested a dude like Rey-Rey.

Just because he ain't visited doesn't mean he ain't gonna be clad in predominantly orange duds chewing off Matt Cassel's face in '09. Everything is a smokescreen right now.

bankmeister said...

Well said. Well said. Suppose I didn't expect anything less. And I gotta admit, I do like the phrase "clad in predominantly orange duds chewing" the face off of the Pink Polo.

Good stuff.

Dylan said...

If the Dove Valley denizens have shown anything this off-season, it would be their transparency and even-handedness.

Pass the popcorn.