Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Other Shoe

So the Post, lone broadsheet guardian of Denver journalism, reports that the big phone meeting between Coach Doogie, Colonel Xanders, Bowlen, Cutler and Cutler's useless hayseed agent didn't go particularly well.

I'm torn, right now. I want to side with Cutler, really, but McDaniels' position--especially considering the report via rumorville that Jay blew off Bowlen's calls--makes some sense.

You do have to wonder where this is coming from. Armstrong brought it up on The Fan today--what role does Daddy play, here?

Cutler's pop is constantly at practice. At games. In the boss' ears. Doing the Gator Chomp when the kid was playing at Florida in college. He was blustery after the draft, grumbling about his son being underrated by Mel Kiper--which was true, but still. You just don't see many stage dads in the NFL, right? Marv Marinovich?

The whole mess is bizarre. Ol' No. 7 might be faced with the possibility of rooting for a Texas Longhorn as Denver QB in '09. Heaven help us all.


Dylan said...

"Hi I'm Mr. Haley/Xanders/Mcdaniel.
I'm really am the shit ,served on a hot plate!"
"You want to know why?.... cuz' I washed Billichek/Parcells underwear and I know the secret handshake."

I would include KC's "savior in a suit"(Pioli) in my little imaginary monologue... but he's actually succeeded at his position.
They're all frickin' video tape cheaters anyways..

Anonymous said...

Wish they would try and get their act together - things are bad enough wihout them going to hell

Cecil said...

Just read an interesting comment on another site (profootballtalk, for public record) mentioning that the only three people anyone can think of who had Bus Cook as an agent--Favre, Steve McNair and Cutler--all performed a variety of this "I'm not wanted, booo, trade me!" snit.

It wouldn't surprise me at all to know that Cutler was agitating behind the scenes, via Cook and Daddy, to get out of town.