Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday StubTube: Rough Draft

With the third overall pick in the 2009



I've been hoping the Chiefs will snag this guy in April. Say what you will about blog starlet Erin Andrews -- or don't, because everyone and their mothers clog the 'spheres with EA material every single day. While it's worth a chuckle, I'm not necessarily a fan of the mockery, but I found it slightly more entertaining than what's transpired in the Minnedelphia game so far.

(link courtesy of Deadspin, via other sites)


Cecil said...


No, the Kansas City Chiefs don't get to take Rey Maualuga with the 3d pick. Not only because I've been on #58's bandwagon since he ripped apart Illinois in the Rose Bowl, not only because that's higher than he'll go, not only because you all don't deserve him and can't handle the Polynesian truth, but because the new brainy trusts in KC will undoubtedly select a quarterback.

Sam Bradford, come on down!

bankmeister said...

Man, I'm glad I hate you. It makes things so much easier.