Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lineup Against the Wall: San Francisco's Very-Own G-Men

So the Giants celebrated their 50th anniversary last year. Splendid. I hope it was a great party because their season wasn't worth writing home about, albeit it was about nine games better than the Padres, so they had that goin' for 'em, which was nice. Baseball's NL team by the Bay, just after the jump.

One last time:

1) RF Randy Winn
2) 2B Emmanuel Burriss
3) LF Fred Lewis
4) C Bengie Molina
5) SS Edgar Renteria
6) 3B Pablo Sandoval
7) 1B Travis Ishikawa
8) CF Aaron Rowand

Finally a team in this division that has a little bit of speed. But guess what? They're missing power. Where's that Bonds guy? He could do that every now and again. Yes. I'm hitting the catcher at cleanup, and putting Rowand at the bottom of the order. Mentally switch it if you please. I'm mentally drained.

The rotation:

1) Tim Lincecum
2) Randy Johnson
3) Matt Cain
4) Barry Zito
5) Jonathan Sanchez

Now that's a pitching staff right there. Fifty-six wins, (mostly) respectable earned-run averages, and 901 strikeouts last year. Nine hundred one. Oh, and three lefties. That's awesome.

The bullpen leaves a little bit to be desired. It's not awful. But it's Bob Howry, Jeremy Affeldt, and a ton of youth, followed by Brian Wilson as your closer who managed to drum up 41 saves last year as a Giant, which is really impressive for a not-very-good team a year ago. If my Colorado train jumps track, these Giants could easily leap them and finish in third, but I already made one crazy prediction. A Giants team finishing better than the Rockies and the D'backs is a bit of a stretch.

Put a fork in the West divisions, kids. They done.