Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Baseball in the Daytime: 9-18-07

Today's lone day baseball matchup means very little in the hunt for October, so if you really have to pee, go ahead. You're not missing anything here. If your bladder's nice and empty, and you're interested in this NL West matchup, you may view it with an even keener eye when I tell you that it's the first part of a double headers. Guess what, baseball fans? Today's game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Colorado Rockies is the first half of a double header!

Seriously, though. The matchup pits Dodgers' righty Chad Billingsley, who's four straight wins fill out his overall 11-4 much nicer than his legs do his pants, against the Rockies' 15-game-winning lefty Jeff Francis. Things don't look great for the Dodgers, who sit four games back; they look even less great for Colorado who's two games behind L.A., but could obviously eliminate that defecit with a sweep of today's games.

Speaking of this evening's bout, Mark Redman and his lone win take the mound and faces the always-attractive, slim-good-bodied, 8-8 David Wells. The first matchup gets underway at 2:05 Central and can be caught on the XM One Eight Nine; the first pitch of this evening's matchup will be delivered at 7:35.