Monday, September 3, 2007

Baseball In The Daytime: Federal Holiday Edition

There will be no BITD today, for several reasons. One, although it is a weekday and there are numerous games on, it's a holiday. Relax. Read the paper, slowly, and compose your own God damned schedule of baseball-viewing enjoyment. And if you're working, you're a douchebag (Editor's Note: Old No. 7 is working.).

Two, the House is actively involved in little side project. We've been invited to participate in the fantasy football league over at Arrowhead Addict, and we're furiously finalizing our devastating draft board of domination. Actually, I'm having a fairly serious internal debate over how many of my secrets to reveal to Bankmeister. We do, after all, play each other in various other leagues (Editor's Note: Old No. 7 has never won a fantasy league of any kind.).

Three, my main FF league drafts Thursday, and the whole gang is coming to town for the occasion. The first arrival, grumpy bald Old Man Cobb, is due midmorning, and we're going to play golf. So have fun watching your games, kids, and we'll see ya tomorrow.

OK, I couldn't help myself, just because there are some fucking fantastic games on today. At 11 Mountain, Felix Hernandez and Rocket face off in the Bronx in a wild card showdown, unless Rocket can't go and Mike Mussina has to start (Editor's Note: Old No. 7 is lighting candles to Our Lady of Guadalupe in hopes of this happening). At 11:15, Pedro Martinez makes his first start of the season against Aaron Harang. At noon, we get Roy Oswalt/Ben Sheets and C.C. Sabathia/Johan Santana, and at one there is Matt Cain and Jeff Francis. Holy shit. Big fat Dave Wells, crafty ol' Greg Maddux and Big Z are also in action today. Go find a television with Extra Innings and go nuts--Cheers!