Monday, September 10, 2007

An Assortment of Picks

It'd be nice to display for our worldwide House of Georges readership the colorful story of how my HoG access card denied me entrance to our world headquarters early Sunday morning. It'd be even nicer if I had an explanation for why my Chiefs were denied access to the end zone in Houston yesterday. Unfortunately, I don't have any sources for either of those stories. Thus, this post will consist of nothing more than my picks, post Week One albeit, for this glorious 2007 season.


AFC West: San Diego, only this time they notch a post-season victory.
AFC East: New England, setting the stage for a national-sports-analyst bukkake.
AFC North: Pittsburgh
AFC South: Indianapolis

AFC Wild Cards: Cincinnati and Denver. Snore.

NFC East: Philadelphia
NFC North: Chicago
NFC South: New Orleans
NFC West: Seattle

NFC Wild Cards: Carolina and Dallas. Rip Van Winkle snore.

Super Bowl: Indianapolis over New England. Wait, what? That can't happen? Oh. My bad. Okay. Well, I've been drinking. I'll take the safe way home: Indy over Chicago. Bummer, dudes.

MVP: Cut that Meast.

Kansas City Chiefs: 10-6
Denver Broncos: 7-9