Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bye-Week Boredom

I hate bye week. I recognize the immense need for it, but boy does it suck. Speaking of suck, the Kansas City Chiefs have a bye this week, and while one could argue that they need it to heal and to work out a little something called "how to play American football," I'd almost rather see them take the field and get some more of that good old learning curve out of the way.

Over on, Bob Gretz has written a small number about what getting Brodie Croyle means for this team. Click here if you have a spare six seconds to read it, or just know that the headline "It's Brodie Now, or Start Over" and this line:

It all leads back to that saying of Marty Schottenheimer’s: a player’s greatest ability is his availability.

say it all.

Thank you, Bob Gretz, for your infinite spells of genius.

You know what I think about bye week? I think a team should have to earn it. That's right. These fucks get truckloads of money in salary and incentive, and they only work for four months out of the year. Sure, training camp, OTAs, meetings, whatever. You play for Jeff Fisher? You're 5-0? Take the day off. You lost 13 of your last 15 games? Bitch better be on time tomorrow, 'cause you ain't gettin' shit.

I'm sure Roger Goodell and his cronies could figure out a way to "flex" the schedules and make teams play when they thought they'd be off. Make it happen, dude. Make it happen.