Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baseball in the Daytime: el 20 de Agosto, Dos Mil Nueve

There's some Thursday day baseball on tap today, and it's comin' at you two-for-one style instead of the usual sixer. Read all about it, after the jump.

They Might Be Giants @ WKRPs, 11:35 Central: Our leadoff contest is a National League snoozer, which is a bit redundant, but hey. Just kidding San Francisco, even though they've let the SethFuckingSmiths leapfrog them in the standings, has had a pretty impressive season. They sit a dozen over .500 heading into this contest, and they'll send Matt Cain-and-Abel to the hill. He's put together an awesome 12-4 effort and kept the ol' E.R.A. under three, which is rad for a dude that may or may not kill his own brother. His adversary is one Aaron Harang-ya-Harang-ya-went-out-get-a-rope-and-hang-ya. Oh, my God, it's early. A pre-nooner even, for Harang, who's just been unappreciated this season, keeping the earned-run average to a 4.35 but going 6-14 thus far, mostly because his team's offense is awful. How awful? They've scored 14 fewer runs than the Royals, if that's any indication. Anyhoo, DirecTV has the match for you on 721, 722, or have a listen on XM 183.

Former Pilots @ Motown Roy Horn Assailants, 12:05: Couple .500+ clubs, couple .500+ pitchers set to go. I likey. My man Ryan Rowland-Smith gets the tops of innings in a Seattle uniform today, while sheep-fucker Jerrod Washburn goes for the Tigers. Both of these clubs can piss off, for all I care. Stupid Detroit keeps forcing the Royals to stay in last place in the A.L. Central, and it's like the Mariners are in on it too, threatening our general manager to continue taking all of their players. But Detroit has seen Minnesota slide in the Central and Chicago's still heel-nipping, all of two games back. Seattle, meanwhile, has continued to play respectable ball, even though they're 12 games out in the West. It's Rowland-Smith's 2-1/3.60 against Washburn's 8-7/2.95 for our second and last day baseball affair, and you can find it on DirecTV 213, 723, or 724. XM might have it, too. Check channel 176 to be sure.

There you have it, baseball fans. If you head out to the yard, drink some water and put on some sunscreen. That sun's a devil out there.


old no. 7 said...

Lincecum and Cain and pray for three days of rain.