Monday, August 3, 2009

Baseball In The Daytime: Augus...REACHAROUND!!!

This year has been, sadly, lacking in reacharound action. It's been criminally rare to see a weekend series flip over to Monday, and when it has happened it usually concludes with a God damned night game. Does this make a lick of sense? No. No it does not.

Which is why it's so super rad that today the Royals and the Bay-Rays conclude a four-game stanza of baseball games with a Monday morning special. Try it, search the whole of the Internetworks and find another passage that includes the words "Royals" and "super rad" conjoined near-like. I'll bet you can't.

Kansas City @ Tampa, 10:08 Mountain When clubs play in Tampa, they usually bunk at the Vinoy, a resort just around the corner from Tropicana Field. Legend has it that the Vinoy is haunted, and shitloads of ballplayers have seen them the ghosts. This is a stupid story, and I'm going to stop telling it.

James Shields durn near no-hit the Royals yesterday, but it won't be as easy today. Well, it might be exactly as easy, since starter Scott Kazmir occasionally has no-hit stuff and he'll be facing the same Royals, who are last in the league with a .250 average. It just might be harder for Kazmir to win today, as he faces Zack Greinke, ten times victorious on the season. Of course, Greinke has nary a W since June 28, going 0-3 with two no-decisions over that span despite yielding three or fewer runs every single time. Rock solid this lineup and bullpen ain't. We'll try 'er again today, so Play Ball!