Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday ThumbTubes & YouNails: 4-9-09

Who's got time for classy intros? I dunno. The cinema? The symphony? Sitcoms? Not me. Not today. Get crack-a-lackin', y'all.

Apparently, the Masters is going on. I think this guy has the lead after day one.

How's that for some coverage?

Adrian Peterson was invited to say the traditional "Let's Play Hockey" at the Minnesota Wild game.

He real good.

(video courtesy of Deadspin)

This has something to do with basketball.

She might've been married to Jason Kidd, or something.

This should be flippin' stellar.

Might have a dash of rape, and a sprinkle of lobe-chewing, but still: awesome.

(video courtesy of The Big Lead)

I guess Tyler Hansbrough's mom is a MILF?

I don't even know what that means.

Can't get those coals goin' for the tailgate?

It's cool. Just keep a Ron Mexico jersey handy. Works every time.

(video courtesy of Tailgating Ideas)

The gals at Babes Love Baseball have a respectable story on Nick Adenhart.

which is -- how do I say this -- the total opposite of the one at With Leather.

I think Cecil took over my brain for a minute,

forcing me, literally, to post that.

(video courtesy of Today's Big Thing)

Will the next Winter Classic be at Fenway?

Who knows. Apparently it's a secret.

Know what's not, though? Watch the whole thing:

Goose bumps, yo. Goose bumps.

(courtesy of Brahsome)