Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lineup Against the Wall: Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies are, and this is somewhat hard to believe, the losingest franchise in American sport. They were the first to 10,000 losses, and before last season had only seen one championship--1980--in 126 years.

So I guess I should be somehow glad that this team, with great chemistry, with a few of the best players at their respective positions in baseball, is ascending the way it recently has been, but no. I'm incapable of that kind of fellow-feeling.

So, to whichever Philly Phanatic is reading this, enjoy your recent success. Hope it's not the meat in a two-century sandwich of Fail.

Lineup. Jump. Get to it.

The lineup:

Catcher -- Carlos Ruiz
First Base -- Ryan Howard
Second Base -- Chase Utley
Third Base -- Pedro Feliz
Shortstop -- Jimmy Rollins
Left Field -- Raul Ibanez
Center Field -- Shane Victorino
Right Field -- Jayson Werth

Starting Pitchers:

Cole Hamels (L)
Brett Myers (R)
Joe Blanton (R)
Jamie Moyer (L)
Chan Ho Park (R)

Relief Pitchers:

Ryan Madson (R)
Chad Durbin (R)
J.A. Happ (L)
Scott Eyre (L)
Clay Condrey (R)


Brad Lidge (R)

The Bottom Line: This is obviously a very talented club, on the level of the Mets, whom they've bested the past two years. Albeit with plenty of gag from the New Yorkers as win-lube. Still, though, it wouldn't be too tough to see them making another run at the division, with Utley and Howard providing the pop, Rollins providing the run-scoring spark and Shane Victorino providing the Hawaii. After all, they've proved their championship mettle--and I haven't even mentioned Cole Hamels or clutch, Denver-bred closer Brad Lidge.

But someone has to pay for last night's ridiculous Marlins pick, and it's you, Phillies. I'm sure you'll prove me wrong in real life.

Projected Finish