Monday, April 20, 2009

The Kansas City Royals HiV LOB, Part II

Every once in a while, we come up with a great new feature idea, then promptly ditch it like a prom date with crabs. This will likely be one of those, and may, from time to time, have snarky commentary from the locals.

Look, Sluggerrr doesn't mind if you want to celebrate 4-20, bro, but Sluggerrr wants you to utilize a little tact, for Pete's sake.

Your refresher is this: this feature is a mildly researched, thoroughly unprofessional comparison of the base hits generated by the Royals, versus those they leave on the bags. We'll attempt to visit this topic every seven games since that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Anyway, we last checked in with the Royals after game one in the Cleveland series. Their week One totals: 45 hits, 18 runs scored, 47 runners left on.

In week two of the season, we saw some improvement from the boys in blue. The numbers look a little bit like this:

Week Two

4/14 vs. CLE: 3-9 (W); 11 hits, five left on
4/15 vs. CLE: 5-4 (L); seven hits, seven left on
4/17 @ TEX: 12-3 (W); 19 hits, 10 left on
4/18 @ TEX: 2-0 (W); five hits, seven left on
4/19 @ TEX: 5-6 (L); nine hits, eight left on

The week's totals: 51 hits, 32 runs plated, 37 stranded, an improvement in every category, albeit five fewer games played, which is fantastic for the first two categories, a bit concerning in the third.

The season's totals: 96 base hits, 50 runs, 84 left on. I'd go into detail about how they need to whittle that last number down, but frankly, I'm exhausted from all the extensive absurdities surrounding fan-base doubt in Trey Hillman based on his late-game decisions yesterday in Texas. Personally, I like giving the team the chance to win without The Mexicutioner on multiple, consecutive occasions. I like keeping Callaspo in at second late in the game because his bat was fantastic all series, and he had a couple of stellar defensive plays on Saturday. I approve of going to Mahay to face Hamilton because, in all honesty, Hamilton was due, and Mahay got the job done. And finally, I don't, for the record, like Kyle Farnsworth. I do, however, appreciate Hillman giving him the opportunity to do something good, to gain back some confidence. Given now, though, that he is significantly responsible for three of the Royals' five losses, I would not put him in in that, or any similar, situation again. At all. Tough loss. Felt like the whole world knew he was gonna serve it up.


Dylan said...

New stat: Hitting into DP's.