Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Kansas City Royals HiV LOB, Take One

Every once in a while, we come up with a great new feature idea, then promptly ditch it like a prom date with crabs. This will likely be one of those.

In case you're wondering, and I know, crazy reader, that you are, the HiV LOB is this: an mildly researched, thoroughly unprofessional comparison of the base hits generated by the Royals, versus those they leave on the bags. We'll attempt to visit this topic every seven games since that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

On the flip side, you may note, as evidenced by the above nearly impossible-to-see photo, that I've already taken in one game in which the KC starter was Zach Greinke. I'll make many an effort to be in attendance for his starts this year, as Old No. 7 has proudly (but really only because he drafted him in fantasy) proclaimed that the Greinkmeister has embarked upon a Cy Young campaign, dubbed "Gettin' Stanky with Zach Greinke," but that, of course, is another post, for another day, one neither of us will likely ever get to.

Through seven games, however, the atrocity known as the Royals' offense, looks like this:

Week One

4/7 @ CWS: 2-4 (L); seven hits, 11 left on
4/8 @ CWS: 2-0 (W); six hits, six left on
4/9 @ CWS: 2-1 (W); nine hits, 11 left on
4/10 vs. NYY: 4-1 (L); four hits, six left on
4/11 vs. NYY: 6-1 (L); seven hits, eight left on
4/12 vs. NYY: 4-6 (W); seven hits, two left on
4/13 vs. CLE: 2-4 (W); five hits, five left on

That brings the week-one totals to 45 hits, 47 runners left on base, and 18 runs scored, meaning the Royals have capitalized on 40 percent of their non-HBP, non-BB base runners, and could've scored a ton more.

I'm no statistician, and, for the record, I have no idea if there's already a sabremetric to figure this for you, but those are not great numbers. Add to that that, of the regular starters, one guy is hitting over .200, and that's Mark Teahen. Further conclusion of KC's chances of making a run at the Central: Need more better.

That was fun, no?

Great. Let's do it again next week.


Dylan said...

John Buck, Grand slammy, moons over my hammy, my cousin sammy... i'm stoopid.

Its been a few years....but we got a ball team!


Dylan said...

Read the body of the piece after the comment and...big whoop!

Royals leave guys on base.

Welcome to KC Baseball.

John Buck didn't leave too many on base tonite.

It's not like the Cardinals swept us in the World Series, or something?