Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Evening Fracas: 1-09-09

It's been a bit unorganized and free-for-allish around these parts lately, but don't fret: piece by piece, we are in fact gettin' the band back together. In due time, we'll find our circuits shorting, and our memory banks full, our very precise system of time management plundered and diminished. But that's just what keeps us going: your desire for more, and still more House of Georges originality.

In news of the non-bullshit, we've taken painful efforts to snoop around this series of tubes and find out what's goin' on out there. Come along. We won't disappoint. Too much...

Well, I'll be damned. All that gripin' I did about being a loser Kansas City fan has statistically paid off. Thanks, Mouthpiece Sports. You're the greatest.

The Big Lead draws a two-fer this evening: They think the Chiefs will get "that tackle" from the Crimson Tide, and, in extra, bonusy news, they've interviewed The Lone Reader's favorite all-time professional sports commissioner.

Yesterday, I thought Kissing Suzy Kolber had really outdone themselves. Only they can outdo themselves on consecutive days.

We haven't checked in on ol' JoePos lately. Check out this killer post on every Chiefs' fan's favorite topic, Herman Edwards.

Hugging Harold Reynolds has linked to this post today. I don't really know what's going on in it, but they call Chargers fans gay, so, uh, I'm down.

As any fan of the sports blogs knows, there's always lots of good reading material going on at Deadspin. Today's no different: They've linked to a story that suggests that Bill Romanowski wants to coach the Broncos (Editor's Note: God -- remember how I channelled you not too long ago, and begged for your heavenly assistance? I probably said something along the lines of never asking you for anything ever again. And, well, I lied. Please, if you can possibly intervene, allow Pat Bowlen to hire this man. I'm on my knees here, God.) And of course, yesterday was Jamboroo day. Get your read -- and your Kathy Ireland bikini look -- on.

Finally, Awful Announcing shows us the way to Joe Sports Fan's impeccable list of media faux pas in 2008.