Friday, October 2, 2009

Baseball in the Daytime: el Dos de Rocktober

Well, well, well. The Colorado Rockies, as I'm sure all four of our readers already know, kicked the snot out of the Milwaukee Brew Crew yesterday afternoon, and earned themselves a playoff spot for the second time in three years. Now, if they can knock off the as-of-late pussified Dodgers, they could earn themselves a handsome little division title. They'll get after it this evening, by the way, out at the confines in a tilt that features the 11-6 Randy Wolf and the 14-12 Ubaldo Jimenez. In other playoff news, the Red Sox finally saw enough distance between themselves and the Rangers to squeak in, which means everything's a lock except for the damn A.L. Central. Minnesota took the win yesterday to bring things back to a two-game difference again. They host the Royals today; they'll need to win and get some help from the Ozzie Guillens who visit Detroit. Should be interesting-ish. Your unlighted, non-playoff (playoff?) baseball still awaits, after the jump.

Arizona @ Chicago, 1:20 Central: Billy Buckner and Tom Gorzelanny. One righty, one lefty. Two teams that will say "thanks and see ya'" to 2009 come Sunday. They'll get underway in the Field of Wrigleys this afternoon, and it'll be up to the Baby Bears to try and cool off the smokin' hot Pirates? XM was kind enough to include Rocktober in their schedule, and they'd therefore love it if you listened in to the game on channel 183. The DirecTV Webmasters are obviously not that intelligent.

Enjoy your last afternoon of regular-season day baseball. Go Broncos! Rockies!