Friday, October 23, 2009

My Sports Life is a Rock Hip Hop Song: "Bionix"

Yo. How it be? I can't remember the last time we pulled out one of these features. I'm not even sure our archives are set up to go that far back. Like most of our series at one time or another, though, we're way overdue, and so we hope you enjoy this attempt to meld sports and music. Chances are you'll think it's super-dope lame, so if that's the case I'll apologize in advance. Truth be told, in case you were wondering, this song popped on the other day from the ol' iPod, and I'd just been wondering how long it's gonna take for De La to put out A.O.I. III. I mean, Christ -- ain't like we been waitin' eight years already. So, yeah. It was that and the fact that I couldn't bear to look at Cedric Benson's face anymore.

So this post goes out to the possibility of the new regime getting win number two this weekend when Norv and Marm' come to town. Rock it.

"Welcome to the second installment..
Y'all know my name so we ain't gotta get into alla that
Y'all know the deal
This is KC Chiefs part two, and we call this one Pialey
And as y'all always know, we gon' hit y'all with that KC shit
Yeah.. yeah..

Uh (better) yea (better, stronger)
Yea (better, stronger, faster)


Ladies and gentlemen, we in the trench again
Makin' it a new team for you, and y'all deserve one, too
I'm introducin it, throw a little juice in it
Got rid of all that bullshit,

hope you weren't too used to it.

It's been a minute now, only a minute now
A little re-evaluatin', hope you feel me now.
I'm on some new me, focused on the new tree

Tryin to shake the money off the limbs for all them salary.


I blame the fans for it, I heard demands for it
Left for USA Football, they holdin' out they hands for it
Went to the youth, these kids are tryin' ta' dance for it
Ask for it after Todd brings you out of the break


Before we go any further, we wanna send a special thanks... all those folks out there that been supportin KC since '89...

...Now that's a long time...

...Overseas, city to city, state to state...

...Yeah, we gon' keep bringin it live to you...


Unlike these underground MC's who rock for heads

We include the throat chest arms and legs.
No need throw a massive party to show you I'm here for a Lombardi.
I cultivate moves larger than that
And I don't ball too much, ya' dig
I gotta ball and chain at my crib who want my ass home
My heart beat USC metronome,
But I can adapt to where I'm at.
And even though I'll toss it sick to beat the blue,

I'm not a crip
So unlike Donkey fans I won't salute to look hip

But if I had to join a gang I'd join the Nation
Me, you, 48 of 50 states makes a huge creation
That drive cross style-country style, drivin' the short-bus mile

Hot and mild and I don't like my Sake tame
Drink a dozen cans of Life no weight I gain
We them champ type dishin' The 53 to make you love

...yeah kids...

Just a little taste how we gon' get things started in a minute
Sit back, get your gear on straight
Whether you're ridin' in a Escalade or a Pinto son, turn that shit up
Oh remember championship II comin soon, on some LJ shit
Yeah -- we about to get this shit poppin'..."