Friday, October 2, 2009

Sleeping with the Enemy: Week Four, Giants @ Chiefs

Now that we've spent another week talking baseball and making lists of things nobody cares about, it's time to get back under center and chat some pigskin with another installment of "Sleeping with the Enemy." In case you were not aware, we sit down with a fan of the team that squares off against the Chiefs each week and wax gridiron. We also make predictions. Mine are always far from accurate while our guests are frequently close to right on the money.

This week's panelist is none other than the esteemed Wulfie, who is a fan of the New York Giants, shoots a pretty mean game of golf, and will beat the piss out of you if you a) send curse words to his work e-mail account, b) make fun of certain corporate ad campaigns, or c) try to talk him into squeezing some culture into his Saturday evening. He was, nevertheless, kind enough to take some time out of his beatin'-ass week to talk with the House of Georges. Our chat, after the jump.

Bankmeister: So, WulfieMan's Brother , start, if you would, by giving us a bit of background on yourself as a football fan. We know you root for the New York football Giants, but have you been a fan of the G-men your entire life? What are your three favorite NYG memories? What are your thoughts on your head coach, your quarterback, and your team in general with three (undefeated) games under your 2009 belt?

Wulfie: Something I generally would not fess up to, but I did stray away from the Giants when I was in like 2nd grade. I was a Cowboy fan...the whole America's team. I was too young to understand team loyalty. My Dad does not let me forget it, and still puts my Cowboy Lamp in my room when I go back home to visit. He likes to bust my balls. Other than that brief stint I have big a fan of the Big Blue Wrecking Crew my entire life. My favorite memories would have to be the '86 Superbowl, the '07 Superbowl, and the infamous Snowball game which I attended.

B: Ah, yes. Super Bowls. Something I know a lot about. You've had Phil Simms in one, Eli in another. Good stuff.

W: I think Eli Manning is a great QB, outside of Peyton and Brady there is no one else I would rather have at the helm of the offense. I never gave up on him either, I have loved him since the draft. Unlike our coach situation, which I was not happy about a couple of years ago. But results are results, and although I think he is a bit crazy he delivers the Ws. Three-and-Oh is a great start but the Broncos are 3-0 also so let's not make much of it.

B: Touche.

W: The highlight is definitely beating the 'Boys in their home opener. This is a huge win and one that could really help them prepare for other big games this season. Not to bust too much on your team and conference, but I am psyched we play the AFC West this year. I think we go 3-1 or 4-0 on that swing. I suppose it is possible for one of those teams to beat us in an off week although I think not one of those teams could come close to competing in the NFC East this year.

B: I appreciate the take on the AFC West, and I'm embarrassed to admit that you're correct. What once was a strong powerhouse of a division has slid beneath the sludge of now-strong-and-mighty NFL franchises. Your Giants squad looks tough thus far, and I'm still impressed with their ability to handle clubs on the road. Of course, I'm hoping that luck runs out for a minute on Sunday, but we'll see.

You mentioned the draft, and it would be out of character for me not to address this. My arch-nemesis, the Denver Broncos, were long-commandeered by one John -- Horse-faced Colts Draft, as I like to call him -- Elway. His career is forever a dagger in my spleen for two reasons. The most important/seldom-mentioned has been the inability/unwillingness for my franchise to draft and develop a top-tier starting quarterback. Ever. As in, they, in 50 years, have not done it. The second part is that Elway refused to play for the team that drafted him, which irritates me beyond words.

Football fans draw parallels to normal, everyday working guys way too often. It gets old, and I'm guilty of it, too, but still, as tired as it is, there's some validity to it. Let's take Belichick, for instance. If you, in your field, spied on your competitors, used their strategies to better your profits, and were caught and exposed, would you get slapped on the wrist and had one of next year's perks taken away from you? The same goes with this Crabtree kid. I don't know the specifics on it, but if he doesn't sign all year, re-enters the draft, gets taken, and signs a huge fat contract, well...I think that's just an abomination.

I don't have a problem with Eli; he doesn't play in my division or conference, but I can't help but lump him in with Elway for the aforementioned reasons. Please, let's have your take.

As far as Tom Coughlin, I've always respected him. I thought he did above-admirable work before he came to New York, and I felt bad for him every time the media talked about him losing the team, or ownership's gonna fire him, or what have you. I like the disciplinarian, even if his face does look like a Fuji apple in big games.

What about this receiving corps y'all have assembled in the absence of Mr. Burress? It seems like a pretty tight crew. Did you think Plax's sentence was fair? And Brandon Jacobs? Will he get the majority of the carries (if healthy) on the season, or will Ahmad Bradshaw emerge and eclipse him?

W: Pre-season the receivers were a huge question mark. We seemed to lack a deeper threat or a sure handed third down receiver. So far, Eli seems to be moving the ball around evenly and does not pose a problem. However the season is early, and I fear we need that large threat. Plaxico got what he deserved. Precedent needs to be set for all athletes/celebrities that they are accountable for their actions. Brandon Jacobs is a monster and I hope he gets most of the carries. He seems to warm up as the game goes on.

B: Um, so, no comment about Eli and the draft?

W: You're just sour grapes over Elway. There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want and going for it.

B: Alrighty then. How's this game gonna shake down?

W: I think the Giants D is likely to hold KC to under 13 points. Score prediction: 31-10.

B: Wow. The Chiefs can score a touchdown and a field goal more than the Buccaneers did against the Giants? If you say so. I'll stick with 10 points for the good guys, but imagine that the NYG'll drop a 34 on K.C., just like the Eagles did last week. Good times all around. Thanks for stopping by, and Go Giants. Go away, that is.