Monday, July 30, 2007

Fatlock Follies: Give It A Rest, Broseph

As much as I'd love to pay zero mind to the columns written by Jason Whitlock in The Kansas City Star, it remains impossible. That's what makes the man successful, which makes it even trickier, but I can't stay on one side of the fence with this guy.

He's now made it his personal mission to call out Kansas City Chiefs running back Priest Holmes for fraudulent intentions. I'm not going to do his pieces justice by creating links to them; find them yourselves if interested. Whitlock, however, has gone out of his way to suggest that Holmes is: a) being used as a pawn by Peterson in the Larry Johnson contract dispute, b) full of himself and overestimating what he can contribute to the Chiefs, c) interested in nothing more than money, and d) secretly interested in getting cut so that he may be signed by a team that rhymes with Halas Plow Toys.

Whatever, dude. People, and by people I mean the media, never understand why athletes and organizations are constantly fed up with the media for swirling around cartloads of fecal-reeking hogwash. Prime example: Fatlock's newest campaign to scoop a major story and land himself more national accolades. This man has spent so much time basing Chiefs General Manager Carl Peterson that he now needs, for the sake of his career, for the Chiefs to fail and remain unsuccessful. I've had enough. Chiefs reporter Bob Gretz apparently
has, too (Editor's Note: Sweet typo, Bob).

I believe Holmes will make this team and I believe he wants to. Until I see his name on the "Cut" list, I want to hear nothing more of these ridiculous shenanigans. Just because the man spent his injury-recovery time with his children doesn't mean that he's not a leader. I posit the contrary. Holmes can, like he says, contribute serious leadership to this club. If his comments were discreetly directed at Johnson, so be it. Maybe the young man needs a spark and Holmes carries the flint to light it.


rustoleum said...

This should be a fun year for the Chefs. What do you think, Banky, 4-12 or 3-13?

blairjjohnson said...

Well, not too long ago, on these very HoG pages, I predicted 10-6. That was, at best, optimistic. Now, it seems a bit foolish, but you never know.

Unknown said...

7-9, with the OC resigning at 4-9.

-- TLR

blairjjohnson said...

Scratch that, Rusty. I forgot what an idiot the Lone Reader can be. We'll go undefeated, causing the '72 Dolphins to cry and Mike Solari to be hired for a head coaching job elsewhere in the NFLs.

Cecil said...

Ah, you know how it goes with this stuff. It's never as good or bad as you think it is.

Admittedly, the Chefs are getting mighty old, and while Huard had a fine fill-in year it's hard to imagine him as a 10-6 player...but there's still hope in KC. Well, not much. But some.

If LJ reports, if Priest still has something in the tank, if Huard can make use of Gonzalez besides the butt-fuckery, if the defense continues to improve, I could see 8-8.