Monday, July 9, 2007

Midsummer Blues

Obviously there will be no Baseball In The Daytime for the next few days. In fact, there will be no big-league baseball at all today, unless you count the Home Run Derby this evening. The Derby's fun enough, but go ahead and file it under the growing list of formerly cool sports events that ESPN bludgeoned into shit.

But fear not, faithful fans of the summer game. The HoG will fill the void left by the All-Star Break with a bevy of horsehide content. Leading off will be the first installment of our Midseason Report and an analysis of the American League West. I've exchanged e-mails with a fan of a team in each division, and hopefully these diehards can provide more insight into the various clubs around baseball than I can.

We're also taking an official HoG Field Trip, to lovely Albuquerque, New Mexico, for the Triple-A All-Star Game on Wednesday. I'm tremendously fired up for this event, although a quick glance at the rosters softened my bone quite a bit. It seems that all of the bad-ass prospects played yesterday in the Futures Game, while the Triple-A gala is stocked with mostly career minor leaguers and a few fringe cup-of-coffee pros. Timo Perez is on the team, for fuck's sake. I'm driving to the pit of outhouse sleaze that is Albuquerque and paying money to see Timo Perez.

But worry not, it'll be a hoot, and you'll get the full report for nothing more than a subscription to the House of Georges. And by subscription I mean Fed Ex envelopes full of cash sent to my PO Box. To get the address, or to apprise me of minor-league talent I should keep an ion in the Duke City (the team there is the Isotopes, get it? Never mind) feel free to drop us a line at