Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Adios, Bear

Hard core fans of the HoG (both of you bitches) may have noticed some changes with our graphical interface. Gone is the tribute to Bear Grylls, as he seems to pretend to survive in the woods whilst kicking it in motels. We'll sure miss you buddy.

The House of Georges accepts none of these shenanigans when it comes to whom we choose to honor. Absolutely no cheating is allowed. Unless you're a bad-ass punter who likes anabolic steroids, or you really want a second-rate coach who's under contract and you need to violate tampering rules.

We're looking into the resumes of the other "Heroes" displayed on the right. It seems that Dre has been accused of taking credit for others' fat beats. Ms. Jameson has had work done. Hank Stram frequented transsexual prostitutes, and Herb Brooks was actually Canadian. But Shanahan turned up clean as the driven snow. Not a shred of dirt on Coach.


Cecil said...

My supercomputer and I can finally start swingin' it around on this here site. I request--nay, demand--links to the Denver bars at which I drink and photos of my various heroes (not, of course, that Hunter, Dre and the chick I thought was Mexican until 13 minutes ago when my wife exposed my ignorance in particularly humiliating fashion, aren't).

We're talkin' 3 Kings Tavern, Skylark Lounge. Tom Waits. Randy Gradishar. Kurt Vonnegut. Ryne Sandberg. Make it happen, Admin.

blairjjohnson said...

Tell you what: You organize a staff meeting at one of these fine watering holes, thus making it qualify for a spot under "Where We Be Gettin' Our Drink On," and I'll add 'em. As far as the heroes, I almost put Vonnegut up there, but I was still pissed at you for that senseless Tom Robbins slam. You're pushin' it with Gradishar and Sandberg, bub. Maybe if you post more than say, bi-weekly with your new digs, I'll start listening to your demands.