Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Morning Fracas: Obligatory Aspen Tasting

A couple of weeks ago, when the House of Georges staff got together for our quarterly semi-bi-annual staff meeting, we of course chatted about sports and the Internets. The pieced-together conversations would be of little-to-no interest to our readers, but, below the jump, there are a few nuggets worth probing. Or maybe not. Decide for yourselves.

Blogs with Balls happened. I dig the concept, and imagine that we will one day sell enough t-shirts make enough money on our own to afford attendance to such a function. And if we can't, screw it. Apparently, the dude that runs Hugging Harold Reynolds met Harold Reynolds at the event, who referred to the blogger as "the hugging guy."

Drew Magary, co-founder of Kissing Suzy Kolber, Editor-At-Large for Deadspin, and occasional Penthouse feature writer, puts together some good words with admirable frequency. In case you missed it, his debut column in Penthouse was in March, the follow-up in April, and now, the June edition. Three things should be noted: 1) the Penthouse links are SFW; 2) I've never been able to find the May column; and 3) the latest feature, while instilling a few chuckles was, a tad disappointing, which perhaps answers number two.

Last but not least, if you're a fan of Joe Posnanski, visit his blog, and while you're there, pre-order his new book, which may or may not make a great Father's Day gift.

I reckon that's enough Aspen tasting. I've gotta go wash off my tongue.