Friday, May 1, 2009

Baseball in the Daytime: 5-1-09

Yes, it is in fact that time of year when Friday's slate of afternoon baseball features only one contest, and it's between somebody and the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. There're a number of angles to take with a lone Windy City tilt. I'm gonna use it for some advertising. The pictured foursome will be playing at Toyota Park in Chicago on August 11. I plan on seeing the sold-out show (Editor's Note: This is where you come in with news of your brother's cousin's girlfried who has a ticket.), but have not yet procured a ticket. The following night, the World Champion Phillies are in town and I've never seen a game at Wrigley either, so, you know, hook a brother up. Actual information you might care about, after the jump.

Florida @ Chicago, 1:20 Central: That's right. It's the first-place Marlins in town today, and they're won three in a row, so look out. On the hill in the top of the first will be lefty Graham Taylor, who I think recorded a solo acoustic album in 1975, which was really impressive considering he's only 24 today. And today, he hopes to shed some of that 9.82 E.R.A., while home-team hurler Rich Harden seeks win number three, and hopes to keep his average under four. I gotta believe this tilt is on WGN, but you can also catch it on DirecTV 721 or 722. XM subscribers -- get your one eight three on.

That's your day baseball for the day. Feel free to e-mail us here if you know anything about those tickets. I'm just looking for a single.