Monday, April 6, 2009

Well, That Happened

The Tarheels of North Carolina won the NCAA championship last night. The score was kind of a lot to not quite as much. A few thoughts after the jump.

5) Between this year's Final Four and last year's, KU fans should be at peace with their Roy Williams wounds. He got his championship with someone else's team a few years back, and now he gets a 100 percent legitimate one, two championships that flanked a Final Four loss to his former team that went on to win it all.

4) I know Carolina's good, but I can't figure out what happened to Tom Izzo's Spartans. They rolled all of these teams, and then just looked plain lost tonight.

3) Twenty-one turnovers. Really? Twenty-one? There must be a little too much Brett Favre green in those Michigan State uniforms.

2) Ever heard of a little thing called full-court press? Like, before under five minutes to go? You might consider that if you're down roughly 20 points for the entire game. And square up before you shoot threes from 80 yards away.

1) That had to be one of the most uninteresting basketball games I've watched in some time. I mean, shit -- if you're gonna fold, do it Saturday night, and let UConn up in here or something. That was almost as boring as watching the NBA, except for the fact that it had guys that at least tried to play defense. Jiminy Christmas.


Cecil said...

Ol' Roy ain't that good.

/Every Kansas fan ever'd