Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Miscellany: 1-19-09

If this post were a Shakespeare piece, I'd title it Much Ado About Nothing. Got some random thoughts to share this fine afternoon, and we might as well touch on some NFL action, and get it over with. On the one hand, I'm stoked for the Buzzsaw. It's great. It really is. Is it depressing that the Arizona Cardinals made the Super Bowl in my lifetime before the Chiefs? It burns, burns, burns, that ring of fire. Great for Ken Whisenhunt. Great for that defense, even if it is run by a game named Clancy. Great for Edgerrin James. Great for Anquarry Boldgerald, the entire franchise, and of course the fans. The Super Bowl is always the true test, and this will certainly not be an exception as Old No. 7's coveted Steeler fan base will likely eat up those Tampa tickets like a fat man at a Country Kitchen. So Arizona's got that workin' against 'em, which isn't nice.

In the loser's bracket side of things, I'll say this about the AFC: Tough shit, Ravens. You are the most historically overrated franchise in ages. Ages. For the NFC, nice choke job, Philly. Didn't see that comin' a mile away. On that note, I get that the Mike Holmgren tree of coaching wonders was a great thing, but I'll never understand how Marty Mornhinweg continues to collect a paycheck in the National Football League. Hey, M&M -- you have a great running back. How about running him in plays not called screen passes? Also, your franchise quarterback is only 32, and still pretty mobile. Take advantage of his legs. You know, like that first play from scrimmage where he ran for 20 yards. To all the Eagles fans that want to bitch about the non-called pass interference play: Don't forget about the four late-in-the-fourth-quarter times McNabb had drive-continuing opportunities with open receivers and threw errantly. A wise man/non-winning coach once said, "You play to win the game," not to have officials determine it for you.

Enough with the consistent thoughts, though. This is about miscellany. I don't know what this means

but somehow it fits.

My wife just took this kid of whom she's the life coach to a Martin Luther King, Jr. function. Afterwards they went to Burger King and invited me. I've questioned their marketing brainstorms before, and I'll just mention that, during the seven minutes we were inside the BK, we talked mostly about, uh, BK.

Okay, wait. Timeout. This is the second image that comes up

when you Google image search the words "Burger King commercial."

Okay. Now it makes sense. Anyway. I was eating my fries -- I went for the Whopper Jr. meal (hold the mayo, sub bacon and cheese), by the way, since I knew you were dying of curiosity -- and the wax/paper/cardboard container they were in was called "Frypod." In case none of this is news, I haven't been to a Burger King in some time. On the back of the Frypod, there was a text snippet that started off a little something like this: Regarding ketchup, "does the ketchup make the fries or do the fries make the ketchup? Ponder that, Captain Deepthoughts."

It made me wonder if some sort of snarky blogger was in charge of this campaign. Then I went to dump my tray and saw this:

and this:

Then on my way out, I noticed that, in lieu of the traditional "enter" and "exit" door signs, the displays were "c'mon in" and "buh-bye." Very odd. I didn't dislike any of it. In fact, I appreciated the different, for lack of a better word, angle that they'd taken. It was all still very weird, though. But enough about fast food.

It's nearly been two years since Sarah Spain busted (Editor's Note: Pun fully intended) onto the scene. I have no idea where her career was at that point, but one could argue that it has been nothing shy of spectacular since. Via the FaceBookery, she's letting everyone know that she's thoroughly enjoying her winter vacation in Cancun.

That or the Cancun is thoroughly enjoying her. Could be both.

The Pittsburgh Penguins played the New York Rangers yesterday. Penguins netminder Marc-Andre Fleury had quite the performance, enough to show a little homerism:

(courtesy of With Leather)

Went and saw "Slumdog Millionaire" this weekend. Totally awesome. Definitely recommend it. Before the film, one of the previews was for "The Wrestler." This might be the shortest review of it ever written.

In case you were unaware, Deadspin is your official Arizona Cardinals bandwagon site.

Go ahead. Read all about it. Or don't. Makes no difference to me.