Monday, October 1, 2007

Let's Play 163: Rockies-Padres Preview

While the boys are warming up and getting ready to play this one-game eliminator at Coors, we'll answer a few questions.

Who has the "momentum" in this game? This is a trick question, as I've long been a critic of the theory that "momentum" exists in big-time sports. Look at football, where you take a week off between games and long stretches off between plays. There's no "momentum" that carries over, you either make plays or you don't.

In baseball, however, the routines are so pervasive that a positive (or negative) vibe can be sustained from game to game. If this is the case, than Colorado has the clear edge. They've lost only one game in the last two weeks and won two games they absolutely had to over the weekend. Meanwhile, San Diego needed only one win on Saturday or Sunday to make the whole point moot and failed to do so.

Where can I find this game? The TV broadcast is slated for TBS, which has the entire first round of the playoffs and the NLCS. I heard that Don Orsillo, who normally calls Red Sox games for NESN, will handle the play-by-play for this match, so we're in capable hands. Also, if you have the DirecTV HD package you can enjoy the broadcast in high-def on channel 247. XM carries it on 184, but no word on whether the Rockies crew or San Diego's Hall of Famer Jerry Cramer ("Whoah, Doctor!") will appear there.

Which uniforms will the teams wear tonight? I don't know yet, but the only acceptable choices for me are the home white pinstripes for the Rockies and the sand-colored road threads for the Padres. If Colorado comes out in those purple tops or the black vest/black T-shirt combo, I predict bad things. Although if we could somehow get the Rox to go all purple and the Pads to roll with the camo fatigues, I'm sure Paul Lukas would blow a gasket.

Is "The Dragon-Slayer" the gayest nickname you've ever heard? Yes, yes it is. That's what Matt Holliday has tabbed Rockies starter Josh Fogg for his propensity to knock off other team's aces. I prefer "The Peavy Penetroder," but what do I know?

They're about to start, we'll answer more questions as the night goes on...