Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pickin' And Grinnin': Week Two

Week One was pretty good to us. 4-2 for the official picks, and Arvada Schwag snuck in with a little 3-0, good times. With all that spare cash we have laying around the HoG offices, we're ready to head back to our theoretical bookie for some easy pickins.

The Atlanta Falcons are one of those teams I just have a feeling about. I think they'll be a lot better than the common wisdom dictates, and until that's proven wrong I say take the points. The Pick: Atlanta (+10) @ Jacksonville.

This time of year, it always seems that Vegas is too high on the Cardinals. Until it really is time to crown their ass, go with the far superior team. The Pick: Seattle (-4) @ Arizona.

When I talked to The Catfish about the Bears/Chiefs game, he asked me if he had anything to be worried about. I told him that unless Sexy Rexy turns the ball over in his own territory, it will be impossible for the Chefs to score at Soldier. The Pick: Chicago (-13) v. KC.

I think that Dallas is going to be a legitimately good team. I think that Miami is not. Until further notice, take the good team against the lousy one and lay the points. The Pick: Dallas (-4 1/2) @ Miami.

Finally, we have the Big Game Of The Week. If you need a little action on this sucker, I say go with the Embattled Home Team. Never a bad choice. The Pick: New England (-4) v. San Diego.


The Lone Reader said...

Gentlemen (excluding ON7 since it seems he has removed himself from all comment on anything),

I think it's time we face the facts. TLR brought the game, and brought it right. GC Goodell's slap-on-the-wrist for Belicheat is the evidence for which I've been waiting.

The inconsistency is glaring. A suspension should have been handed-out, as it is to the players, but the coach suffered no such penalty. Why?

Goodell has no good answer for this question. He believes a suspsension would have been too severe. What the fuck? Where did that come from?

Belicheat flatout cheated, got caught, and claimed that he "misinterpreted" the rule. That's a lie in the face of Goodell. It's tough to misinterpret a rule that allows no videorecording devices on the sideline.

I don't know what Goodell's motivation is here, but it is this kind of inconsistency that may well lead to one of the shortest tenure's for a commissioner in NFL history. He is outright laughable.

Ya see, boyz, you just gotta listen. I'm makin' it easy for ya here.