Thursday, May 21, 2009

We Are All Witnesses

Your Eastern Conference Final update:

I suppose my prediction of a Cavs sweep was wrong. Cleveland in 5? Is it too late to switch?

Don't worry, it's only one game. It's still "our" year. "We" will overcome. "My boy" is still the greatest. A little worrisome when "our" Coach Of The Year got schooled by Stan Ron Van Jeremy, though.


The Lone Reader said...

Oh no, you called my team thugs. What should I do? Freak out, cry, whine?

Naaah. Doesn't really bother me.

You gotta make your free throws, boys. Howard was too much in the paint, and the wide open 3s were sweet. Not lookin' good.

Magic deserved that one.

Cavs vs Thuggets series ... 0-2.

Poor no 7. Your ire is still up.



Cecil said...

Your ability to detect sarcasm is about as well-developed as your knowledge of basketball, LR.

The point, she went over there. Go take a look and see if you can find 'er.

old no. 7 said...

Damn it. I forgot to include my Photoshops of Zydrunas Ilgauskas (GENOCIDAL WAR CRIMINAL), Wally Z (ROBBED ON AMERICAN IDOL), and Ben Wallace (WANTED FOR GRAND LARCENY).

The Lone Reader said...

Good luck to your Thuggets tonight, gentlemen.

You wanna talk basketball theory sometime, Cecil (or should I say, Mr. Basketball), no problem. I'm sure we could have a lively debate. I'm not too worried by your philosophical game.

Maybe we should square up for a little one-on-one sometime. Put all of your "knowledlge" into practice.

I'm pullin' for y'all.



Cecil said...


The possibility of waging a war of intellect with such a well-armed opponent fills my drawers with warm brown fear.

I imagine any such discussion would involve you resorting to insults about one sentence in.

Throughout the course of these flames, you've never once explained your "Thuggets" bit, or
displayed even the most basic knowledge of the sport beyond hoo-raw LeBron homerism.

I hate to say it, LR, because up until now it hasn't been true: kid, you're boring me.

Cecil said...

Re-reading the end of that comment--allow me to amend. I sound like one of the NHL fans I complain about.

I'm no basketball expert. There are kids on the street who could explain basketball better than I, and by that I mean actual kids, like 9 year-olds. I'm not trying to claim some sort of hoopsy high ground.

But--and I suppose I should have just written this 47 comments ago and been done with it--my point is that I know enough to know a dirty team, and that ain't the Nuggets.

OK, now back to talking about how the Chefs blow and Kyle Orton has a neckbeard.