Monday, May 11, 2009

Nugs/Mavs Recap, Two Days Late Just Like You All Asked For

By now, the sportiverse has thoroughly assassinated the ref who didn't call the foul on Carmelo before his game-winning three. I'm not going to chime in with some longwinded breakdown of what happened, or didn't happen or should have happened.

Just these few things:

1. Rick Carlisle started complaining about the refs after the first game, a contest that his team lost by 14 and wouldn't have won if Carmelo had decided to take a nap in the fourth quarter. So spare me this "woe, woe are we Mavericks, so ill-treated by the Powers" bullshit. The refs had Denver on lockdown that whole game--and it can be convincingly argued that the reason they *didn't* call that last foul was to give Dallas some home sizzle, because an off-balance 3 is hardly automatic and, if 'Melo had missed it, the game would have been over. This whole song-and-dance about cultivating the refs is for loser teams like the Charmin-soft Mavericks and their whinebag fans.

2. Mark Cuban is a fucking tool. Talking smack to Kenyon Martin's mom? Really? Dude, I know you're rich and full of yourself, but perhaps you'd like to take a step back and think about that one. It ain't Kenyon's fault that your team is staffed by a bunch of simpering flop-divas. Nope, it's yours. Wear it, Cubes.

3. 3-0. I imagine Dallas will win tonight and then we'll scrub 'em off the floor in Denver. Bring on the Rockets (please)!


bankmeister said...

Hmm. I always thought Cuban was pretty awesome, a Saturday Studmuffin candidate, even. Talking smack to people's moms is rad. And acceptable. And encouraged. That's exactly how I made (and lost) my friend in the same day.

old no. 7 said...

I agree that a Houston matchup is more winnable for the Nugs, but I wouldn't exactly pray for the Rockets. Well-coached, well-put-together and ignored, I could see them winning it all. They smoked LA without Yao, and that was no accident.

Cecil said...

Therein lies the rub--the Rockets are a hell of a team, and as I recall, they took care of Denver this year.

But L.A.'s dominance of the Nuggets is almost geological. I just don't see any way in hell that the Nugs can take that series. So, must root for lesser of two probable evils.