Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Historically Speaking: 5-6-09

Looks like it could be a quiet day around the House, so I'll make a few notes: I'm not ignoring the Royals. I'm really not. I'm just trying to tiptoe around the awesomeness. Last night's win in 11 innings against the White Sox was, for many, many years, a game that Kansas City teams would never have won. But just like their rally-from-behind, extra-innings win in Minnesota on Saturday, this team stayed alive, and chipped away, twice overcoming four-run leads.

Everyone in town is on the edge of their seats for the calling up of Luke Hochevar to give some depth to this rotation. The likely starter to exit will be Sidney Ponson who trots his 0-4 record, 7.19 E.R.A. out to the hill tonight against the also-first-place Mariners. Kyle Davies, however, is quietly making an argument for himself to be shipped to Omaha as well. Hochevar, by the by, was recently chosen as Pacific Coast League pitcher of the week, and has assembled a 5-0 start with a 1.13 E.R.A. in AAA ball. Kansas City's ace, Stanky Greinke, was tabbed with the American League Pitcher of the Month for April, making him the first Royal to win the honor since Jose "Be-liiieeeeeve IT" Lima (Time) earned it in July 2003 with a 5-0 mark, a 1.44 E.R.A.

So, when you're out at the Yard, the chant is "Let's Go Royals." When you're trolling the Webs, let's keep it to a dull roar. It is, after all, only the first week in May. We now return you to your regularly scheduled history lesson.

* Many baseball firsts seem to involve the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, so it's no surprise that today in 1946, the Yankees became the first club to travel by airplane.

* Today in 1982, Seattle Mariner Gaylord Perry became just the 15th pitcher to record his 300th victory.

* The year was 1994, the location was Atlantic City when Lennox Lewis handled Phil Jackson in eight rounds in just his second defense of the WBC title. The WBC decided in December of 1992 that Lewis should be awarded the title when then belt-wearer Riddick Bowe opted not to fight the number-one challenger in Lewis.

* Also in '94, Chicago Cubs pitcher Anthony Young notched his first victory in more than two seasons. The team's 10-1 victory over Pittsburgh -- Home of Pedophiles I Mean Pierogies -- brought a 29-game losing streak to an end.

* Two NHL fun facts wrap up today's history lesson: On this day in 1988, New Jersey Devils Coach Jim Schoenfeld was suspended by the league for telling referee Don Koharski, "Go eat another donut, you fat pig." And it was today in 1997 when the Hartford Whalers officially became the Carolina Hurricanes.

Your Sports Illustrated quote of the day came from the mouth of...

...Cleveland Cavaliers center Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who, in 2006, hinted at the team's hectic schedule when he said, "You know you haven't been home a lot when your dog barks at you."


Dylan said...

I'll tiptoe around some awesomeness. Don't step there..your foot will land in a big pile of teh awesome! Teh awesome is squishy and stinky, but I'll take it!
Royals pitching rotation, head-scratcher update: Royals win 9-1.
Ponson 1-4. 8 IP.
Hell yeah.