Monday, May 11, 2009

Historically Speaking: 5-11-09

We've swapped the schedule around a bit, and are bringing you your history lesson in the middle of the day today. You like variety. Admit it.

* We go back two turns of the century ago to kick things off today. On May 11, 1900, James J. Jeffries squared off with James J. Corbett for boxing's heavyweight title. Jeffries walked away with the win, but it took him 23 rounds to do so.

* Today in 1968, the St. Louis Blues were swept in the Stanley Cup Finals by the Montreal Canadiens. It was the second of three consecutive Finals that the Bluenotes would qualify for, and subsequently lose.

* The year was 1977 when a guy by the name of Ted Turner managed a game for the Atlanta Braves. This I did not know. This I find astonishing. Apparently, though, the Braves lost the tilt 2-1, and on the following day, National League President Chub Feeney stepped in and called shenanigans in that MLB skippers, by rule, can not have a financial interest in the club. Chub was all, "Laters, Ted." And Ted was like, "Sweet name, bro." Those quips of dialogue should probably not be in quotations, however, seeing as how they are totally fabricated.

* Three years later, Pete Rose stole second base, third base, and home plate in the first inning for the Phillies. The 39 year-old Rose became the first National Leaguer to do this since Jackie Robinson accomplished the feat in 1954.

* Six years ago, Rafael Palmeiro hit career homer number 500 joining (at the time) 18 other MLBers who'd achieved the milestone.

Your quote of the day came from the one, the only...

...Pat Riley, who once said, "Discipline is not a dirty word."