Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Thought: But What of the Mansion, Mike?

When my alarm clock went off this morning, one of the first choice words I heard coming at me from the TalkRadios was "Shanahan." Phrases such as "were he to come to Kansas City" and "this deal might actually happen" contrasted with other theories the gents were discussing, such as Shanny waiting for GM/head coach opportunity similar to the one he had in Denver, or taking a year off and becoming the Colts new head coach in 2010, should things not work out for whoever that guy that replaced Tony Dungy is. Naturally, I had to look around for some information on the Nets, and as usual, the boys at Arrowhead Pride had the scoop...

Now, non-Kansas Citians don't know Jack Harry. He's been in the local sports gig for literally as long as I can remember watching sports news on television. He's always been forward and opinionated. He's made a few moves between networks over the years. He's had some folks not care for him. And he loves him some cigarettes. I don't know that I'd call him a behind-the-scenes scoopster, but here's what he published yesterday. Tomorrow will tell how credible the veteran anchor' sources are.

Like Cecil said last week, I can't really process it, and I certainly can't see the man wearing red. Certainly not Herm's sweater-vest red.

(props to AP)

(Update: Adam Schefter of has reported, in not so many words, that Jack Harry is, um -- however you say "wrong" in English, not a great source. For said faux pas, he'd like Harry to purchase his next order of Lox 'n Latkes. And he gets to have Harry's pickles and 'kraut.)


Dylan said...

Jack Harry is the model for reporting ineptness.
He is so out of touch with everything around him, its a suprise he is still upright today.
The world has changed so much for know how I know?... he tells you EVERY DAY!
He is Eisenhower in the age of Obama. A phonograph amoungst Ipods.
He can't wait till Coach Stram takes the field and "gets things right" back at Arrowhead.

However, He will not just hang around airports, all unticketed and such.