Friday, January 16, 2009

Shanahan, You (Potentially) Go To Far

Sitting, er, standing here listening to sports talk radio as is my afternoon wont. Jim Armstrong and Sandy Clough on FM 104.3 The Fan. Talk radio on FM, wha-hoo! Hear old white men in stereo. Anyway.

Armstrong just shared a rumor--maybe it's floating out there on the internet machines, but I sure haven't seen it--that Mike Shanahan and Scott Pioli spoke recently. And, we can only assume (even at the risk of making asses of us all) that it wasn't about whose handicap is lower or the best spot to get a rub-n-tug in City of Fountains. Although I do imagine that Shanahan has some ideas on that front.

Pat Bowlen was quoted as saying, right after the firing, when asked if he'd be angry if Shanny went to a team in the AFC West--and paraphrasing here because time is short for link searchin'--if it was Kansas City, yeah.

Man. I...I can't even process that. Not at all. Don't even try and stay classy, Kansas City.


bankmeister said...

Yeah. It's been discussed on the a.m.ish TalkRadios here, but the only Web speculation I have read suggested that it was Shanny that instigated the contact . So you can keep that badge of classy all for yourself.

bankmeister said...

Oh, and there's a plus side to this, though:

If ever, and I think we all know it's a mega-stretch, this were to happen, and the Chiefs won one with Shanny -- hey, lifetime of smacktalk, i.e. "You had to get our coach to blah, blah, blah..."

Dylan said...

It gets even better. The angry irishman comes here and wins a few games on Bowlen's ill-gotten oil fortune.
They will pay him to coach in the classless and fully mediocre of Fountains.
I'm quite flattered of our little Herm-led 2-14 team.
We're the epicenter of all things NFL, on this cold January day.
Cheers and Salut!